The legend of the Kwiffites

Science tells us that we have five senses: sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste. But what if we’re wrong? People often speak of the mysterious sixth sense. What if this sense actually existed? What if we had six senses? Some believe that the human species, when it first appeared on Earth, was blessed with this extra sense, the most important sense of all…instinct. It was this sense that early humans used to master their surroundings. Acting on instinct, backing their hunches, they created fire, planted the first seed, invented the wheel

But as civilisation evolved, humans began to rely less and less on instinct. The protection and privileges of a rapidly modernising world meant that we no longer needed to use our instinct at all. Instinctive feelings became unnerving, an unwelcome reminder of our primitive selves, something irrational to distrust, to ignore. And, as with anything neglected, it began to diminish before, eventually, it disappeared. We didn’t need instinct anymore and so it simply evolved away…or did it?

Legend has it that this sixth sense lives on in the descendants of an ancient tribe whose sole purpose was to master the sixth sense, instinct. They were known as the Kwiffites. This tribe was behind all of the major achievements of early human history. They travelled the world, building monuments, curing disease, teaching others to tame hostile nature. They believed in the value of the hunch, that visceral need to follow our instinct to achieve what we thought was impossible. They were fearless, brilliant, noble people, releasing in themselves and in others the potential of the hunch. And, from those they taught, the most gifted themselves became Kwiffites, passing onto others their knowledge, keeping the sixth sense alive through the ages.

This is no legend. The Kwiffites did exist. And they live on, we live on, still pursuing the same mission - to reawaken the sixth sense that lies dormant in everyone of us…instinct. We’ve created a betting app that makes it easier than ever before for you to follow your instinct. And your courage is rewarded. The impossible becomes reality. Any bet you place, at many moment, can be supercharged, giving you odds that others can only dream of.

Join us.

Find your sixth sense. Rediscover the lost art of instinct.

Head of Marketing

Are you looking for a young hungry entrepreneurial environment with innovation at the heart of the organisation? We are like no other betting company and presents a truly new marketing challenge.

The Role
Reporting and working closely with our CEO & Founder that holds an extensive experience in marketing and the gambling industry. Head of Marketing will be responsible for all of our marketing activities including TV, Online, Social Media, CRM and all other activities that supports our marketing and sales strategy. You will also be involved in our technical development for performance tracking, reporting and product development. Beyond leading the task of building a world class brand and product, you will also play an important role in helping shaping the culture of the company and creating a high performing team.

Work Tasks
This company is in the early stages of building a brand and has developed a unique positioning, tone of voice and brand aesthetic that give it an exciting foundation to build on. As the brand launches it will be vitally important to learn and evolve. The marketing department will be responsible for understanding consumers reaction to the kwiff brand and for evolving the strategy accordingly to ensure kwiff establishes itself as a major category player.

kwiff is one of six gambling brands to invest in TV advertising in key match moments during the 2017/18 season on BTsport. kwiff TVCs will be the last advert viewers will see before kick off in all live BT Sport football throughout the entire season. kwiff is a new brand so the head of marketing will be responsible for driving awareness of the brand in UK.

You will control the briefing, producing and airing of multi-channel "360" campaign assets throughout the year. That includes managing the daily contact with agencies such as Media agency (TotalMedia), Creative agency (Droga5) and Tracking partners (TransgressiveX). You will also be the product owner for tech-development within marketing. Responsible for reporting on commercial performance. Making sure we deliver all messaging on time and with quality on a daily basis.

Extensive experience in multi channel marketing.
Capability to clearly specify and communicate technical requirements to our tech/dev team.
Analytical skills, good with numbers.
Excellent spoken and written English at a native speaking level.
Strong copywriting skills.
Sports or/and betting interest.

A “get it done” -attitude.

Based in Hammersmith (Aircraft Factory).
Salary, depends on experience and drive.
45 colleagues from all over the world.

Send your application including your cv to:

Business Intelligence Manager

Are you looking for a young hungry entrepreneurial environment with innovation at the heart of the organisation? We are like no other betting company and presents a truly exciting challenge.

Work Tasks
Optimise customer experience and company performance by modelling behaviour and providing the business with information
Support and directly influence strategic decision making within relevant internal teams through the value of data
Outline, monitor, visualise and inform on business metrics and KPI targets as well as suggesting ideas for testing
Using data to solve problems and answer a wide variety of business questions across multiple teams
Move projects practically from brief to delivery phase confidently and with a level of autonomy
Product own BI and analytics reporting, creating dashboards and persuading senior stakeholders

Experience from developing data architecture, including integrations, warehouse building and reporting/BI toolchains
Experience with relational databases
Proficiency in programming languages such as Python or R
Have previously developed KPI reporting and tracking across marketing, finance and operations business functions
The ability to visualise data
Strong logical problem solving skills along with technical grounding
Finds challenges exciting and embraces independency in a role

Based in Hammersmith (Aircraft Factory).
Salary, depends on experience and drive.
45 colleagues from all over the world.

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Social Media Editor

Love football? Love sport in general?

Interested in a career in social media?

We are offering a unique opportunity for one talented individual to work as our weekend Social Media Editor! Not only will you have the opportunity to represent our company on social media, but you’ll also have the luxury of watching live sport while you do so!

We are looking for a flexible social media editor to help run our social media channels at weekends from our office located in Hammersmith. You would be working within our marketing team to help build and maintain a vibrant social media brand in line with our wider marketing strategy.

Create social media content
Comment on live sport     
Monitor CRM activities
Work in line with kwiff’s wider marketing strategy and tone of voice

Required skills
Must have a strong knowledge and interest in social media
Must have a strong knowledge and interest in sports, particularly football
Must be highly literate
Must be quick-thinking and highly adaptable

Bonus skills
Candidate is either studying or has studied at degree level

Send your application including your cv to:


Data Scientist

You will be responsible for creating mathematical models, tools and algorithms. The work aims to automate main functionality of our products. Examples of work are: create models for different pricing systems, evaluate and design our risk tool systems. You will also be a specialist resource that will cooperate with senior staff in different parts of the company.

You need to be able to explain methods, algorithms and arguments in a clear and pedagogic way. The role may include future staff responsibilities.

Essential qualities and skills: 
Being able to analyze (develop models, fit parameters, etc.) large amounts of data. 
Highly skilled in applied mathematics, probably with a background in one of (mathematics/numerical analysis/cryptology/mathematical statistics) and possibly with a PhD degree. 
Great intuition for probability theory. 
Innovative, needs to invent tools and algorithm that in an industry historically not very mathematically intensive, and hence offering great opportunities. 
Good ability to implement ideas into fast code (preferably C/C++) 
Fluent in English, both written and spoken. 

Bonus skills: 
Other languages Python/SQL/Java
Knowledge of Postgres database server.

Send your application including your cv to:

System Developer

Eaton Gate Gaming creates mobile betting applications, powered by a system of different services connected through frontend API’s. As a system developer you will work with our entire backend architecture, from RESTful APIs to NoSQL storage solutions.

Essential qualities and skills:
Passionate about web development and system architecture.
Tinkerer and early adopter of emerging technologies.
Self-motivated, uses own initiatives.
Great at communication and collaboration.

Required technical skills:
Expert knowledge of Node.js.
Creating service based architectures with RESTful APIs.
Experience with storage solutions including both relational and NoSQL databases.

Bonus skills:
Running, monitoring and optimising high traffic production systems.
Experience working with sports betting related products.
Integration of payment solutions.
Implementing big data analysis systems.

Send your application including your cv to:

Android Developer

Eaton Gate Gaming’s products are first and foremost focused on mobile platforms and you will work with both iOS and Android apps.

Essential qualities and skills:
Passionate about app development, with knowledge about current trends and emerging technologies.
Self-motivated, uses own initiative.
Great at communication and collaboration.

Required technical skills:
Proven experience creating apps published on App Store and/or Google Play.
Creating simple, usable yet innovative interfaces that push the limits.

Bonus skills:
Experience working with sports betting related products.
Integration of payment solutions.
Working with growth hacking techniques to incrementally improve products.
Implementing backend API’s, preferably with Node.js.

Send your application including your cv to: